(ZRUŠENO) Gahlen Moscht Metal Open Air 2020 + 2021 + 2022 (vol. 15)

obsah aktuální k datu - 30.10.2022
(ZRUŠENO) Gahlen Moscht Metal Open Air 2020 + 2021 + 2022 (vol. 15)
2.6.2022 - 4.6.20222022-6-22022-6-4
areál Klein Buckow Spremberg Klein Buckow 1, Spremberg
město / obec
začátek akce
death metal, brutal/slam death metal, black metal, atmospheric black metal, grind
Sur Austru, Killing Spree, Saxorior, Soul Demise, Verderver, Mincing Fury, Last Bit Of Sanity, Theodicy, Spineless Fuckers, Hydrophobic, Metalizator, Bösedeath, Balberskult, Thakandar, Second Death, Brutal Sphincter, Fading Light, Dünnschism, Hardmood, Die Kois, Gottkomplex, Tomas Tulpe
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Přeloženo z roku 2020 na 3.6.2021-5.6.2021 na rok 2022. Jsou reálné změny v soupisce!

Nakonec zrušeno
Hello Gahlen Moschers, unfortunately there is not very good news. The responsible public order office has not yet issued any approval and there is no planning security for the date of the Gahlen Moscht 2022.. For this reason we have to cancel the festival with a heavy heart. Whether or when there will be an alternative date cannot be estimated at this point in time. We will keep you posted over the next few weeks. Of course, all tickets remain valid. If you still want to return your ticket, please contact: info@gahlenmoscht.de. Thanks anyway to all fans, bands and crew.